Color My World!

1 Oct

These past two weeks we have been focusing on perspective drawings and the proper techniques to get the desired effect. We are now bringing color into the mix, and it is very exciting!!


This assignment required us to draw a hallway, first with countours(lines) only.




And then again with contours, adding in the ‘entourage’ which includes plants, trees, people, animals. Anything that is complimenting the larger picture.

SWScan1 SWScan2

Our homework assignment was to do this same exact thing, but at home. And this time adding the use of markers.


SWScan00005 SWScan00006 color color2

I really enjoy these assignments because I am finally beginning to understand how to do this! I’m not confident in my abilities, and I feel that it could possibly be bringing be down in this class. However, with practice and patience I plan to succeed 🙂

Stay tuned for more of my journey!


Ally Kayy


A different perspective

14 Sep


I am so happy to be in school! I am reminded every single day why I love design 🙂

This week in Design Communications we focused on perspective drawings. I have drafted a few of these in the past, but in this class we are challenged to draw freehand.

These are some of my notes and sketches before I worked on my assignments.

IMGIMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0017IMG_0016

After this I began trying to sketch perspectives from the interior of my home, specifically my work space.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009IMG_0005IMG_0010

Our weekend assignment required us to draw our NAME IT project from earlier in the semester in 3 different perspectives.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003

As exciting as it is for me to even see any kind of shape take form in a drawing of mine, I still wish I was not as amateur as I am. I am not feeling hopeless, but I do really hope that practice is all I need to improve. I would really love to be skilled at this one day!



To the Drawing Pad

7 Sep


I hope you’re having as an exciting of a week as I am! I honestly don’t know if I will ever find balance in five classes..wish me luck.

This week in Design Communications has been especially exciting! We’ve been starting to draw and practicing with contours and values.

A really funny fact is that the required textbook for this class is the exact textbook that I randomly chose to take home from Spain. Isn’t is just great how life works?! 🙂 Love it.

So the first part of learning to draw begins with understanding lines. And how they can be used to bring a drawing to life!

Here are some of my notes and first attempts at drawing. Bare with me, I am not yet good by any means.

get-attachment.aspx-5 get-attachment.aspx-6 get-attachment.aspx-7IMG_0002-2IMG_0003-2IMG_0004-2IMG_0005-2

After extra practice runs I completed this drawing showing the different kinds of contours that we began to explore with using household objects.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013

I practiced further with different household objects and trying to tie in the environment a little.



I’m enjoying the class very much! This is all very new to me, but I know if I continue to practice I will improve.




Welcome to Design Communications!

31 Aug


I’m back! I’m really excited to use my blog to share the exciting things I’m learning in my Design Communications class this semester!

I will be taking you through just about every step of my journey along the way. From terrible sketches to final drafts, I really hope you enjoy seeing my work progress throughout this exciting semester!

Week 1 –

My first week back at school has been so exciting! It feels SO great to know that I get to start learning and designing again!

I have always really wanted to draw well, and unfortunately it is just not my natural talent. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! After my first class with professor McGee and Calienes, I couldn’t help but smile with excitement for the semester ahead. I look forward to exploring what I can do!

This week we learned about architectural lettering, we touched a little bit on space planning, and even learned a little bit about each of us in the class.

We were given the task to design something that we could physically place on our desk, that represents us and our designs in some way. It was really nice to explore with these different materials and to learn about my class mates.

With my project, I specific pages of magazines that I loved and folded them in strips and wove them to make a ball. I decorated the ball on one side with my favorite flower and jewels. I also wrote my name architecturally in different places on different strips of the woven ball. The other side is more tightly woven and less decorated. This represents the two sides of not only myself but also my design. I can be unpredictable, that’s for sure. I also placed it on a stand to create the silhouette of a globe. Traveling is a very large part of who I am and who I want to be and I believe I reflect that in my designs.



This was a really fun project. I look forward to the rest of this class.





Life is a beautiful thing

24 Nov
Birds Nests at Parc Güell

Hanging out in the bird’s nests at Parc Güell

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason.

It’s so crazy how life works sometimes, but it is a great comfort to think that there is some order. We as humans have the ability create meaning from our lives, ride the flow of challenges and changes, and look for meaning in the rear view mirror as we continue our journey forward.

Not many people know this but in order to study abroad I had to make the decision to set myself an entire year back in school in order to open up space to travel. At my university, the University of Florida, a designated study abroad program for Architecture/Design students in Barcelona is not offered and before myself, no one in my college has ever done this before. It was a difficult and strenuous process, but saying that it was worth it is an understatement. It was 1,000,000,000% worth it.

IMG_8222 1

Making new friends in Granada

The biggest difference between being in Barcelona right now and how it will be when I return in the future, is that now I am here as a student and then I will be a traveler or in town on business or something along those lines. Anyone can travel to a foreign country but not everyone get’s the opportunity to study in a foreign country.

I went into this journey basically blind. Since I didn’t have many resources from my university, I had to rely on my own personal research. I remember when I found the CIEE website. It was as if my computer started to sing to me! I genuinely do not know if I would be having such and amazing experience if it weren’t for the kindhearted, wonderful people from CIEE. I am so grateful that I found CIEE! This is such an amazing organization and I am so to have found them.


My beautiful ladies, Paige & Rosa

Not only do I live in one of the best neighborhoods in the cutest apartment, I also am I living with an amazing family, Rosa, Gala, and another fellow CIEE Architecture student, Paige. Oh my gosh they are perfect; I couldn’t picture myself with another family. This is just one of many opportunity’s that would have never been possible without CIEE.


Gala 🙂

I also get to volunteer with students teaching them English, I’m also studying Spanish, and not to mention studying architecture in one of the best cities in the world! We’ve traveled to Granada, Girona, and Tarragona, and even Madrid!! Sometimes we have Friday’s off from school so I even have the chance to go to London, Amsterdam, Bilbao and even Ibiza. It blows my mind how much my expectations have been exceeded.

It’s unreal how great of a program this is and how lucky I am to be a part of it. I made the decision to study abroad a bit too late and didn’t even apply until the deadline was already over!!! I will never be able to express my gratitude, isn’t it crazy how life works?! From the absolutely amazing staff to the extremely organized curriculum, to put it in the cheesiest terms possible, being here has definitely changed my life.


Everyone from the Architecture & Design program at the Alhambra in Granada

After the show Paige, my friend Elif, myself, and our awesome program directors, Magda and Quynh went out for some gelato!! They are wonderful :)

After the show Paige, my friend Elif, myself, and our awesome program directors, Magda and Quynh went out for some gelato!! They are wonderful 🙂

Roasted chestnuts with a few of the amazing CIEE Staff members

Roasted chestnuts with a few of the amazing CIEE Staff members

Of course I have so much more life left to live, however, for my first time in Europe and my first time ever really traveling, I could not imagine it going any better. I’ve been learning so much, not only about architecture and art, but I’ve also been learning so much about the world and myself. What’s awesome is that it’s not over!! I look forward for what is to come. For example, Calcotada with CIEE this weekend and my independent trip to London next weekend!! Not to mention the pin-up I have in studio next week and the research paper I have to write…I have never been so happy to be learning!


Loving life on a weekend trip to Bilbao, Spain

Pinch me!

11 Nov
Fall in Barcelona!
Fall in Barcelona!
The sunset from my apartments balcony
The sunset from my apartments balcony


It’s hard to believe that I am already half way through the journey of a lifetime. Time is quite literally flying by. Mid terms week has passed and I can finally breathe again. It was quite a challenge finding balance in this new life I’m living.

It's been a long week!
Sangria and beer after a long day of studying on the weekend


Trying to find balance between being in a new city and wanting to spend every minute exploring and also wanting to spend every minute studying is usually an unlikely dilemma..I just love architecture!

A really interesting building in Barcelona, this city is surreal
A really interesting building in Barcelona, this city is surreal

I overheard someone talking about following their dreams and how they are just one step closer with each effort they make towards their goal. It is important to have goals and with determination and perseverance, almost anything is possible. I definitely believe this to be true, so I then thought to myself “Yeah Ally, you’re so close to getting everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Just keep working hard and you’re going to do big things.” That’s when I realized that up until this point in time, my goal, and very much my life dream, was to study architecture and travel the world doing so.

It was as if someone smacked me..

I am quite literally living my dream. This is it. It is now. It only took me two months to figure this out, but better late than never! I realize that I was so caught up in the experience of being in Europe that I almost forgot about how hard I worked to get here, and why I worked so hard.

Taking it easy with Miles, a fellow architecture student and a great friend
Taking it easy with my friend Miles and working on our projects
On the left is an a pavilion and the right is a schoolhouse/greenhouse. I love studio :)
On the left is an a pavilion and the right is a schoolhouse/greenhouse. I love studio 🙂

Until this moment it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that I made it here and that I was in fact successful! Now, I am proud of myself and am giving myself a big pat on the back, and then I’m moving on to the big picture. Architecture is my goal, my focus, and hopefully one day my future. My time in Barcelona is limited, however, so is my time in school. Soon, very soon, I will be a young professional and I won’t have the resources I have right now. I will visit Barcelona one day again! Absolutely!! That’s when I can make up for all of the things I may or not be missing out on by spending all of my focus on my studies. I look forward to the day I come back to Barcelona.

I just love this city..I never want to leave
I just love this city..I never want to leave

When you put a timer on things, the circumstances change. I realized that even though I have the rest of my life to live my life I have to realize that now is more important that the future because the decisions that I make right now will affect my future. Having all of these amazing resources at my fingertips is absolutely nothing to take advantage of. Dreams are beautiful, but I there is no more time for dreaming. Now it is time to do what I came here to do and to start making the difference I know I have the power to make. I’ve been given such an amazing opportunity, now what am I going to do with it?

Beautiful Barcelona
Beautiful Barcelona

What a good question 🙂

Just a thought..

16 Oct

Found a photo and excerpt from my blog posted on a different website today..It was so so so weird to see a photo of myself and then the words “Barcelona, Spain.”

It’s finally starting to kick in..

My life is completely different these days..I almost don’t feel like myself. This is one part of life you can never learn in class. Only 6 weeks in and studying abroad is the most exciting, intimidating, rewarding thing I have ever done. What could have easily been the worst decision I’ve ever made has absolutely become the best move I’ve made in my entire, short existence on this planet. Imagine who I will be when this is all over.. I have no idea. But I do know one thing, I am already the best version of myself I’ve been in a long time. I can only get better 🙂